Title might sound a bit offensive and extreme. Read further and I’ll support the statement with facts — and hearsay as well.

I discussed about my brother’s food poisoning with some local entrepeuners. They said that it happens in epidemics every season and usually no-one can be sure whats caused it. They also gave some advices for recovery. Drink mineral water and add some salt in it. Don’t drink that cheap 10 baht water from bottles that you can see in a photo above.

It doesn’t have any minerals or salt in it. It’s plain wet water that doesn’t really help anything. They also mentioned some swedish water expert that had taken such bottle back home and examined it. Results were that it’s bad because cheap plastic dissolves some nasty things into the water.

Sure, youre body needs plain wet water as well. So you can drink it occasionally, most restaurants are serving it anyway. Just don’t make a habit of carrying six bottle bundles from Ao Nang to Tonsai (25 baht).

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