I love Backblaze. It’s easy to setup and forget. But Backblaze has few edge cases:

  • Doesn’t backup volumes with Time Machine backup even if there’s some other data too
  • Doesn’t backup network volumes
  • Data is in US
  • Only backups files and not any metadata – doesn’t work for restore, only data loss
Whereas Arq does these and much more:
  • You own your own data – and pay to Amazon for it
  • Support for multiple computers – only Macs
  • Hourly, daily and weekly backups
  • Dependent on your credit card but so is Backblaze
  • Is compatible with FileVault: It doesn’t backup sparse bundles but files are encrypted anyway

Since you host your own data on Amazon, there’s no possibility to have it shipped in a USB drive. Feature that sounds awesome but  you’ll probably download the data before the drive arrives to Finland from US. Arq also has proven case where you can restore a system in steps!

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